We are nixing the financial institutions that are financing fossil fuels

Youth Climate Finance Alliance

We are the Youth Climate
Finance Alliance. We're
fighting back against
the financial institutions
that have fueled the
climate crisis for
far too long.

We’re calling out greenwashed climate commitments, uplifting frontline fights, and demanding and end to funding climate destruction.

We are local and national
youth organizations working to hold
big banks accountable
for their climate destruction
and to end their financial support
for fossil fuel corporations.

Together we are fighting for a fossil free future.

We’re going

Texture of circle around the Chase Bank logo
We are calling out Liberty Mutual
We are calling out Citibank
We are nixing Liberty Mutual and Citibank's financing of fossil fuels
We are nixing Black Rock and the Federal Reserve's financing of fossil fuels
We are calling out the United States Federal Reserve
We are calling out Black Rock

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