We are making our demands clear.

Building the skills
we need to win.

We’ve got a big goal—ending fossil fuel finance. For good.—and it’s going to take all of us to get there.

Our campaign will show that the climate crisis is not just driven by fossil fuels but by an economic/financial system that puts growth and profit before our health and safety, exploiting all of us. With every blow to fossil fuel funding, we’ll demonstrate that we don’t have to be stuck with this system&emdashthat through collective action, coalition-building, mutual aid, and a shared commitment to caring for each other and our planet, we can build a just, accountable economy.

There are lots of ways to take action on fossil financiers. Through our Skill-Building Networks, you'll gain access to a community of other youth organizers eager to take action and build leadership with similar passions to you—whether through art, media, digital disruption, on-campus organizing and more! This way we are all organizing for a Fossil Free Future, while playing to our strengths.

We need your innovation on projects and tactic ideas and to create a space where we can all thrive as we take collaborative action and build community.

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We are making our demands clear.

Content Creator Network

An art collective to END fossil fuels.

The Youth Climate Finance Alliance Content Creator Network is a national youth-led creative collective focused on dismantling the fossil fuel industry. We are calling on all youth creatives across Turtle Island to join this space for inspiration, collaboration, and execution of creative ideas.

Need help creating content? Have art you want to share with the movement?

Join us!

Digital Disruption Working Group

A collaborative space for youth organizers to mobilize and organize digitally to disrupt business as usual for Chase, learn more about digital disruption tactics, and ultimately, push the bank to commit to discontinuing the funding of fossil fuel projects.

Build your digital organizing skills and think of ways to cause trouble for Chase Bank through the power of the internet.

Shareholder Resolution Strategy Working Group

We all have connections to decision-makers at big banks, and they are closer than we think. There are people and institutions all around us that invest in big banks like Chase, shareholders, who therefore have a say in what Chase does. These people and institutions include religious institutions, wealthy individuals, state treasurers, colleges and universities, and more.

Want to find out who these decision-makers are in your community, and pressure them to support a historic No New Fossil Fuel Activity resolution at Chase’s next shareholder meeting? Join this group to take local action?

Storytellers Bureau

Youth Climate Finance Alliance is tapping youth climate organizers to join our Storytellers Bureau. These messengers will be empowered to effectively communicate the message of both their local efforts and the national, decentralized campaign.

Eager to learn media and press skills and how to effectively communicate about climate finance? Excited about improving comms skills for grassroots movement leaders through training and first-hand experience? Want to combat the “climate celebrity culture” by joining a diverse group of spokespeople to represent the movement?

See more info here.

Recruitment Pipeline Disruption Working Group

We’re a group of bad-ass campus based organizers targeting the ways shady fossil fuel enabling companies like JPMorgan Chase show up to school—as recruiters, trustees, professors, and donors.

Learn and work with other students across the so-called US in this working group while we take action to target the recruitment pipeline and campus presence of major fossil banks—find the joy in this work, build your leadership and community and make sure JPMorgan Chase feels the heat of organized and powerful young people coming after them!

See more info about the campaign here.

General Climate Finance Coaching

Get coached!

Not sure where to start or looking to get personal support to do actions + campaigns against fossil finance in your local community? Sign up for “General Climate Finance Coaching.”

Our Distributed Organizing Support program will build an organizing infrastructure for activists in the climate justice movement through curated and individual activist coaching, provide in-depth organizer training, and maintain a strong community of activists.

Learn more about our coaching program here.


We are making our demands clear.


We are making our demands clear.

The Youth Direct Action Fund (YDAF) resources youth organizers across the US working to protect our planet and the lives and futures of our generation with the financial support they need to power their ideas.

Need funding for your upcoming art build? Want to hold a retreat but need funds to start? Need to buy a megaphone so some greedy bankers hear you better? Grocery money for cooking mutual aid meals?

Whether you need $50 or $500, apply to Youth Direct Action Fund and get your funds conveniently, such as via Venmo or direct deposit, among other options. And anyone can apply—you don’t need to be part of an established organization.

This fund is administered by a youth committee of representatives from various youth-led organizations across the so-called United States and has granted out over $375,000 since 2019. Please note that YDAF disbursements typically take about 2 weeks so please plan accordingly.

Apply for Funding Here

Check out Youth Direct Action Fund’s guidelines for more information here.